Prismark enables confident strategic business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments in the electronics industry.

As the electronics industry matures, there is an increasing trend and need for industry consolidation and/or divestment.  Based on our intimate knowledge of the industry, Prismark is often asked to provide targeted and timely due diligence support for both sellers and buyers covering a range of services:

  • Market Analysis, Outlook, and Business Plan Review
  • Review of the Competitive Landscape
  • Key Technology Assessment
  • Voice of the Customer Interviews
  • Acquisition Target Screening
  • Operations Due Diligence (Manufacturing, Finance, and Personnel)

Given Prismark’s unique matrix of global relationships, we are often able to provide these services much more efficiently than can be achieved by a company or financial institution on its own.  In addition, Prismark’s reputation for independent research and unbiased analysis is invaluable under these circumstances.

Prismark’s acquisition-related services have supported many corporate and financial clients around the world in transactions both large and small.  In every case, Prismark’s advice has been considered well researched, thoughtful, and extremely valuable to the diligence process.


Analysis of a Small Electronic Components Company

A private equity firm with significant electronics exposure was involved in the acquisition of a small electronic components company. Prismark was asked to provide a technical and market intelligence in regard to the candidate and target market.  On an accelerated basis, Prismark defined the market, expected growth rate and competitive landscape in which the acquisition candidate competed. In addition, the candidate’s technical and competitive position was defined through in-depth interviews with current and potential customers.  As a result of this analysis, the client was able to formulate an offer package based on the candidate’s current position and prospects for further growth.

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