Prismark enables confident strategic business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments in the electronics industry.

Prismark performs research aimed at improving the performance of our clients’ current businesses.  Such investigations typically consider some or all of the following points:

  • Market Definition and Segmentation - Define the size and expected growth rates of current business, segmented geographically and by business or technical factors
  • Identification of Growth Opportunities - To maximize the value of a current offering, what segments should be targeted?  What is required to succeed in the target segments?  How likely is the supplier to succeed in the target segment?
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning - Who are the leading competitors in the market and segment in question?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  Where can the client succeed?
  • Customer Needs Analysis - What customer needs remain unmet? For which of these needs are customers willing to either change suppliers or pay a premium?
  • Strategy Development and Recommendation - What steps should be taken to maximize growth and profitability of the client’s current business?  How should the product offering be shaped (product, distribution, pricing, and support)? Which customers and segments should be targeted?  What competitive responses can be anticipated?


Market Analysis for Abrasive Materials in CMP Slurries

A leading supplier of silica materials had targeted the emerging CMP market for future growth and required a comprehensive understanding of the current and likely future market for CMP materials.  Based on a comprehensive analysis of the entire CMP supply chain, Prismark defined the market for abrasive materials as well as slurry materials.  An analysis of competitive offerings and known commercial linkage was also provided, enabling the client to shape an effective market entry strategy.

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