Prismark enables confident strategic business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments in the electronics industry.

Prismark works with clients to identify opportunities for growth outside their current businesses.  These investigations are designed to identify opportunities that can leverage a company’s existing technical and business linkages.  Such analysis typically includes:

  • Current Technology and Business Assessment - What business or technical characteristics can be leveraged in new markets?
  • Target Opportunity Identification and Assessment - What new markets could and should be targeted for growth? Such evaluation can be based on market size, growth, competitive landscape as well as the client’s technical and business competencies.
  • Required Product Characteristics - To succeed in the target segment, what characteristics must the offering possess (product, distribution, pricing, and support)?  What are current and developmental competitive technologies?
  • Strategy Development - What approaches are available to penetrate the selected market segment (internal development, licensing, partnering with a significant end user, or acquisition)?  What strategies should be pursued and why? 
  • Realistic Expectations for New Product Penetration - What level of market share, sales and profits can be reasonably expected given the successful implementation of the recommended strategy?



A European MEMS fabricator developed a novel micromirror technology. Prismark was retained to provide an independent and unbiased analysis of potential opportunities for the technology so that the company could optimally deploy development resources.  Together, a list was produced of sensing and projection applications that went well beyond the obvious well-known commercial successes. As the project continued, a deep understanding of the technology and market environment was required to identify only the most promising and lucrative applications.  Following a structured filtering process, Prismark provided the client with an understanding of technology value and opportunity within several applications. With this knowledge, the client made clear decisions on which opportunities to pursue and the appropriate level of product development investment.

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