Prismark enables confident strategic business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments in the electronics industry.

Manufacturers of electronics systems, or suppliers of materials and components, are faced with the daily challenge of operating in a brutally competitive global market. 

Consumers and producers of materials, components, and manufacturing services have asked Prismark to provide a variety of focused supply chain intelligence including:

  • Global Pricing and Capacity Monitors
  • Supplier Identification and Profiling
  • Reporting on Key Technology Developments and Emerging Players
  • Process, Technology, and Cost Benchmarking

Prismark clients use these custom or multi-client supply chain analyses for different reasons:

  • To Improve their Knowledge of the Competitive Landscape
  • Enhance Planning for Capacity Needs or Additions
  • To Keep Abreast of Important Industry Structural Changes and Technology Developments
  • Benchmark their Operating Cost Structure or Technical Capabilities

All of these analyses are driven by the specific needs of each client and are not generic reports on industry trends. 


Mobile Communications Component Supply

The mobile communications market is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets within the electronics industry, and proactive management of the supply chain of components and services is critical to success.  Prismark was engaged by a leading global player to provide periodic detailed assessments of the supply infrastructure for a range of key components, including key technology developments, supplier profiles and new supplier entrants, pricing dynamics, emerging capacity constraints and competitive design and cost benchmarking.  Prismark's ability to efficiently deliver timely detailed market and technology intelligence has allowed its client to more effectively execute new product introductions, develop new supply sources and anticipate potential supply chain bottlenecks, all of which are key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the mobile communications market.

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