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New Prismark Publication: Electronic Materials Reporter

The Electronic Materials Reporter (EMR) is the industry's only continuing comprehensive analysis of all chemicals and materials used in fabrication and assembly of electronic components, modules and systems. On a quarterly basis, the Electronic Materials Reporter will provide timely, in-depth analysis of the industry's 160+ electronic materials, the companies that serve this market, as well as trends and developments driving and shaping this dynamic business.

For more information, please view the outline and Table of Contents for the report here.

Prismark's goal is to make the EMR as useful as possible to our readers. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please e-mail us at for more information or to subscribe.

Prismark Publication: Electronics Supply Chain Reporter

The Electronics Supply Chain Reporter is a formal short-term (three – twelve month) forecast of the overall electronics supply chain.  This forecast, published each quarter, provides a comprehensive near-term view of business conditions and developments throughout the electronics supply chain, and is intended to complement Prismark’s traditional five- and ten-year forecasts. The Electronics Supply Chain Reporter is available to Prismark’s Retained Consulting clients in PowerPoint format.

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Prismark teardowns of leading edge
products are carried out in conjunction with the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center at Binghamton University (Photos source: Prismark/Binghamton University).

Bragi Dash Hearable

  • In-the-ear position requires small, 3D assembly. Left and right are almost mirror images
  • Casing is two plastic halves
  • Main components on rigid-flex circuit that wraps around coin battery. NFMI antenna and battery soldered to rigid-flex
  • Separate flex circuit with heart rate sensor, speaker, and power/data contacts. Connects to main assembly with connector

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