Prismark is entirely focused on the electronics industry, is large enough to be capable, yet small enough to remain nimble.

Within the landscape of consulting companies, Prismark offers several unique advantages:

  • Focus on the Electronics Industry Only
  • Depth and Breadth of Markets and Technologies Covered
  • Focus on Custom Research
  • Independent Analyses and Opinions
  • Responsiveness and Personal Touch
  • Global Scope and Relationships
  • Emphasis on Detailed Technology Understanding and Linkage to Business Strategy

Prismark is large enough to efficiently address a wide range of markets and technologies across the electronics industry.  At the same time, Prismark is small enough to remain flexible in its approach to a client’s request and to assure that every client has access to senior staff.

Prismark’s fundamental understanding of the underlying technologies in electronics manufacturing also brings a practical approach to any consideration of new opportunities and associated investments.

Who We Are