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Prismark enables confident strategic business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments in the electronics industry.


Prismark performs research aimed at improving the performance of our clients’ current businesses.  Such investigations typically consider some or all of the following points:

  • Market Definition and Segmentation - Define the size and expected growth rates of current business, segmented geographically and by business or technical factors

  • Identification of Growth Opportunities - To maximize the value of a current offering, what segments should be targeted?  What is required to succeed in the target segments?  How likely is the supplier to succeed in the target segment?

  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning - Who are the leading competitors in the market and segment in question?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  Where can the client succeed?

  • Customer Needs Analysis - What customer needs remain unmet? For which of these needs are customers willing to either change suppliers or pay a premium?

  • Strategy Development and Recommendation - What steps should be taken to maximize growth and profitability of the client’s current business?  How should the product offering be shaped (product, distribution, pricing, and support)? Which customers and segments should be targeted?  What competitive responses can be anticipated?


Case Study

Market Analysis for Abrasive Materials in CMP Slurries

A leading supplier of silica materials had targeted the CMP market for future growth and required a comprehensive understanding of the current and likely future market for CMP materials.  Based on a comprehensive analysis of the entire CMP supply chain, Prismark defined the market for abrasive materials as well as slurry materials.  An analysis of competitive offerings and known commercial linkage was also provided, enabling the client to shape an effective market entry strategy.

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Mkt & Bus. Devel.
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Product Devel.

Prismark works with clients to identify opportunities for growth outside their current businesses.  These investigations are designed to identify opportunities that can leverage a company’s existing technical and business linkages.  Such analysis typically includes:

  • Current Technology and Business Assessment - What business or technical characteristics can be leveraged in new markets?​

  • Target Opportunity Identification and Assessment - What new markets could and should be targeted for growth? Such evaluation can be based on market size, growth, competitive landscape as well as the client’s technical and business competencies.

  • Required Product Characteristics - To succeed in the target segment, what characteristics must the offering possess (product, distribution, pricing, and support)?  What are current and developmental competitive technologies?

  • Strategy Development - What approaches are available to penetrate the selected market segment (internal development, licensing, partnering with a significant end user, or acquisition)?  What strategies should be pursued and why? 

  • Realistic Expectations for New Product Penetration - What level of market share, sales and profits can be reasonably expected given the successful implementation of the recommended strategy?


Case Study


A European MEMS fabricator developed a novel micromirror technology. Prismark was retained to provide an independent and unbiased analysis of potential opportunities for the technology so that the company could optimally deploy development resources.  Together, a list was produced of sensing and projection applications that went well beyond the obvious well-known commercial successes. As the project continued, a deep understanding of the technology and market environment was required to identify only the most promising and lucrative applications.  Following a structured filtering process, Prismark provided the client with an understanding of technology value and opportunity within several applications. With this knowledge, the client made clear decisions on which opportunities to pursue and the appropriate level of product development investment.


In support our client’s current businesses Prismark often provides independent assessment of their upstream supply chain, typically including:

  • Global Pricing and Capacity Monitors

  • Supplier Identification and Profiling

  • Reporting on Key Technology Developments and Emerging Players

  • Process, Technology, and Cost Benchmarking

Prismark clients use these custom or multi-client supply chain analyses for different reasons:

  • To Improve their Knowledge of the Competitive Landscape

  •  Enhance Planning for Capacity Needs or Additions

  • To Keep Abreast of Important Industry Structural Changes and Technology Developments

  • Benchmark their Operating Cost Structure or Technical Capabilities

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All of these analyses are driven by the specific needs of each client and are not generic reports on industry trends. 


Case Study

Mobile Communications Component Supply

The mobile communications market is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets within the electronics industry, and proactive management of the supply chain of components and services is critical to success.  Prismark was engaged by a leading global player to provide periodic detailed assessments of the supply infrastructure for a range of key components, including key technology developments, supplier profiles and new supplier entrants, pricing dynamics, emerging capacity constraints and competitive design and cost benchmarking.  Prismark's ability to efficiently deliver timely detailed market and technology intelligence has allowed its client to more effectively execute new product introductions, develop new supply sources and anticipate potential supply chain bottlenecks, all of which are key to maintaining a competitive advantage in the mobile communications market.

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Supply Chain
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Acquisition Support

As the electronics industry matures, there is an increasing trend and need for industry consolidation and/or divestment.  Based on our intimate knowledge of the industry, Prismark is often asked to provide targeted and timely due diligence support for both sellers and buyers covering a range of services:

  • Market Analysis, Outlook, and Business Plan Review

  • Review of the Competitive Landscape

  • Key Technology Assessment

  • Voice of the Customer Interviews

  • Acquisition Target Screening

  • Operations Due Diligence (Manufacturing, Finance, and Personnel) 


Given Prismark’s unique matrix of global relationships, we are often able to provide these services much more efficiently than can be achieved by a company or financial institution on its own.  In addition, Prismark’s reputation for independent research and unbiased analysis is invaluable under these circumstances.


Prismark’s acquisition-related services have supported many corporate and financial clients around the world in transactions both large and small.  In every case, Prismark’s advice has been considered well researched, thoughtful, and extremely valuable to the diligence process.


Case Study

Analysis of a Small Electronic Components Company

A private equity firm with significant electronics exposure was involved in the acquisition of a small electronic components company. Prismark was asked to provide a technical and market intelligence in regard to the candidate and target market.  On an accelerated basis, Prismark defined the market, expected growth rate and competitive landscape in which the acquisition candidate competed. In addition, the candidate’s technical and competitive position was defined through in-depth interviews with current and potential customers.  As a result of this analysis, the client was able to formulate an offer package based on the candidate’s current position and prospects for further growth.

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