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Custom Research

Prismark focuses on the delivery of timely, custom research addressing specific business and technical needs.

Prismark's customized research allows for a deeper, more reliable, assessment of opportunities facing leading electronics companies.  While each of these investigations is unique, they share a common objective of improving the growth and profitability of our clients’ businesses.

Prismark performs more than 200 customized analyses each year and, in recent years, has been most often involved in the following areas: 

  • Engineered and Electronic Materials

  • Semiconductors and Semiconductor Packaging

  • Printed Circuit Boards

  • High Speed Interconnection

  • Wireless Components and Systems

  • Display Technology

  • Photovoltaics

  • Batteries and Fuel Cells

  • Thermal Management and Materials

  • System and PCB Assembly

  • Fabrication and Assembly Equipment

  • Emerging Technologies

Custom research may be focused on acquisitions, technology investments, competitive analyses, size and timing of emerging markets, impacts of new technologies, or restructuring necessitated by a maturing electronics industry.  Prismark brings an industry-wide and supply chain-deep perspective that can yield insights and highlight opportunities unavailable through a more narrowly focused approach.

Retained Consulting

Retained Consulting

Prismark provides ongoing support to many leading companies in the electronics industry. 

Prismark's services are tailored to individual client needs and include ongoing access to dedicated members of the Prismark team, custom researched workshops delivered at a client’s facility and discounts on Prismark publications.  Retained consulting services provide a client with ongoing insight as well as analysis and advice that lead to informed and confident actions.  For more than 150 leading electronics companies, Prismark retained consulting services provide an invaluable supplement to internal strategic marketing and technology capabilities.

Electronics Industry Market Research
Electronics Industry Market Research


EMR  -  PCB  -  SPR  -  ESCR  -  DSC

Quarterly Reports

To support core portions of the Prismark client base, Prismark publishes a focused group of standard reports.

Electronic Materials, Chemicals, Fabrication, Assembly, Components, Modules, Systems, Chemicals and Materials, Tapes, Sputtering

The Electronic Materials Reporter (EMR) is the industry's only continuing comprehensive analysis of all chemicals and materials used in fabrication and assembly of electronic components, modules and systems.

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Printed Circuit Board Market, Multilayer, Flex PCB, FPC Market, Printed Circuit Board Forecast, PCB Revenue

The Printed Circuit Report is a leading reference for companies involved in the printed circuit market.  This quarterly report is designed to provide a succinct review and analysis of business and technology developments in the world’s major printed circuit producing regions: Asia (ex-Japan), Americas, Europe, and Japan. 

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Semi Market, Semiconductor Packaging Market, Wafer, Semconductor Research, Semiconductor Forecast

The Semiconductor and Packaging Report provides a comprehensive review and analysis of change in the semiconductor packaging industry.  Each quarterly report contains current, short-term and long-term forecasts of semiconductor devices, package assembly, and system sales.   

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Elecronics Supply Chain, Electronics Supply Chain Revenue, Supply Chain Forecast, Quarterly Forecast, Semi, PCB, Medical, Commercial, PC, Notebook

The Electronics Supply Chain Reporter is a formal short-term (three – twelve month) forecast of the overall electronics supply chain.  This forecast, published each quarter, provides a comprehensive near-term view 

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Discovery Series

Discovery Series

The Discovery Series, is designed to focus on emerging developments in the electronics industry.  Each issue highlights an individual technology or business area that Prismark believes will impact the industry over the next five to ten years.  While some of the topics considered may be off the radar screen for many companies, each poses either a threat to current businesses or the opportunity to accelerate business growth.

The Discovery Series is available to Prismark’s Retained Consulting clients.

See the latest Table of Contents for the Discovery Series

Please e-mail us at for more information or to subscribe.

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