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Prismark is an electronics industry consulting firm that is privileged to work with more than 150 of the world’s foremost electronics companies.  Our clients include many of the leading systems and semiconductor companies, manufacturing services providers, their suppliers of materials, components, and manufacturing tools, and the leading financial institutions that enable industry growth and investment.

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Prismark’s consulting practice is built on providing pivotal information that is relevant to the emergence of a new technology or the development of a client’s business. Prismark is valued by its clients, because no other resource has a broader outlook or carries out deeper research, and they use Prismark’s knowledge and insight to make confident business decisions about uncertain technology and market developments.


Prismark Partners was founded in 1994, in New York, with the goal to build a global strategic business development consultancy based on a breadth and depth of research, and electronics industry knowledge that was unavailable from any other company at that time. 


Today, Prismark Partners is an internationally respected consulting group of twenty-five people operating out of offices in New York and Taipei. The company’s growth is fuelled by a continued emphasis on deep custom research and broad coverage for a global client base. Prismark is positioned between the single focus specialists and the large, multi-industry strategic business consultants. The company is the first choice of many who need authoritative research, analysis, and advice about opportunity in the electronics industry.


Shiuh-Kao Chiang

Managing Partner

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Our Company
Our People
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Our People

Prismark’s success is based on the ability to gain and maintain the trust of its clients and the efficient provision of the best market, technology, and business intelligence. 


Ultimately, any consulting relationship boils down to a personal relationship. Electronics technology has revolutionized the collection and dissemination of information, but Prismark still emphasizes direct contact between its consultants and clients on a regular basis. As yet, there is no substitute for the shared discovery process.


Prismark’s consultants and support staff bring experience, intelligence, and integrity to every consulting engagement. Consultants have joined Prismark with wide ranging knowledge and experience including:

  • Electronic Materials R&D and Business Management

  • Printed Circuit Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Tool Development

  • Test Equipment Design and Manufacture

  • Semiconductor and MEMS Fabrication

  • Semiconductor Packaging

  • Wireless Component and System Design

  • Power Supply Design and Manufacture

  • Corporate Development and Venture Capital


Prismark consultants often have the privilege of being directly involved in critical technology and business decisions, working alongside many of the industry’s leaders on a day-to-day basis. We recognize the sensitivity of the position that we hold, and the care of our clients’ trust is paramount to our continued success.


Prismark brings experience, intelligence, and integrity to every consulting engagement.




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Our Clients

Prismark’s matrix of global client relationships provides insight and a depth of understanding that is unparalleled in the industry.


Prismark’s clients come from all market sectors and all levels of the electronics supply chain. A sample of representative clients include:

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Prismark’s matrix of global client relationships provides insight and a depth of understanding that is unparalleled in the industry.


Prismark’s clients come from all market sectors and all levels of the electronics supply chain. A sample of representative clients include:

  •   Electronic Materials and Equipment Suppliers: 

    • 3M, ASM, Atotech, BASF, BESI, Chang Chun Plastics, Coherent, Doosan, Dow Performance Silicones, DuPont Electronics & Imaging, Entegris, Han’s Laser, Henkel, Heraeus, Indium, Isola, ITW,  Kulicke & Soffa, Lam Research, LG Chemical, MacDermid Alpha, Mentor Graphics, Merck, Mitsubishi Gas, Mitsui Copper Foil, Mycronic, Nordson, Orbotech, Rogers, Schmid, SCREEN Holdings, Sumitomo Bakelite, Tanaka Kikinzoku, Victrex

  •   Merchant Package Assemblers: 

    • Amkor, ASE, JCET, SPIL, UTAC

  •   Semiconductor Suppliers: 

    • AMD, Analog Devices, Intel, Micron, NVIDIA, NXP, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung, Skyworks Solutions, Sony Corporation, STMicroelectronics, TSMC

  •   Other Components Suppliers: 

    • Finisar, Harting, Hirose Electric, Kemet, Samtec, SEMCO, Taiyo Yuden, TDK

  •   PCB and Substrate Suppliers: 

    • AT&S, Compeq, Daeduck, HannStar, Haesung DS, Ibiden, ISU Petasys, Kingboard, Multek, Nan Ya, Shengyi Technology, Shennan Circuit, Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology, Shenzhen Kinwong, Simmtech, Suzhou Dongshan Precision, Tripod Technology, TTM, Unimicron, Unitech, WUS, Zhen Ding Technology, Zhuhai Founder PCB

  •   Systems Suppliers and Merchant Assemblers:

    • Bosch, CCTC, Celestica, Cisco, Flex, GM, Huawei, IBM, Medtronic, Plexus, Samsung, Sanmina, Teledyne, Vitesco Technologies

  •   Investment Firms and Consortia: 

    • Bain Capital, Blackstone Group, Bridgepoint, Credit Suisse, CVC, Deutsche Securities, Goldman Sachs, IEEC, IPC, iNEMI, KKR,  Morgan Stanley, ONEX, TPCA, Xperi

One of Prismark’s most valuable assets is the matrix of client relationships that provide a depth of understanding and insight that we believe is unparalleled in the industry. Approximately 50% of our business is derived from North American headquartered companies, 30% from Asia and Japan, and the balance in Europe.

Our Clients
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Our Advantage

The Prismark Advantage

Prismark is entirely focused on the electronics industry, is large enough to be capable, yet small enough to remain nimble.

Within the landscape of consulting companies, Prismark offers several unique advantages:

  • Focus on the Electronics Industry Only

  • Depth and Breadth of Markets and Technologies Covered

  • Focus on Custom Research

  • Independent Analyses and Opinions

  • Responsiveness and Personal Touch

  • Global Scope and Relationships

  • Emphasis on Detailed Technology Understanding and Linkage to Business Strategy

Prismark is large enough to efficiently address a wide range of markets and technologies across the electronics industry.  At the same time, Prismark is small enough to remain flexible in its approach to a client’s request and to assure that every client has access to senior staff.


Prismark’s fundamental understanding of the underlying technologies in electronics manufacturing also brings a practical approach to any consideration of new opportunities and associated investments.

Kaz Hirasaka
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Contact Us

Prismark Headquarters

130 Main Street 
Cold Spring Harbor 
New York 11724

Phone: +1-631-367-9187
Fax: +1-631-367-9223

Prismark Asia

8F., No.96, Guangfu N. Rd.
Songshan Dist.
Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

Phone: +886-2-2577-9697
Fax: +886-2-2570-1230

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